Mobile Website, in development

EnviroMedia wanted to create a mobile presence to demonstrate aptitude by example. The mobile site provides streamlined content for a potential client, advocate, or employee to quickly discover the agency’s essence from a mobile device. The design reinvents the full website in a uniquely small screen experience.

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Three stills from film.

Prelinger in Three Movements No. 1

Short Film: 2:59

The Prelinger Archives hold a collection of over 60,000 “ephemeral” (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films. Prelinger in Three Movements No. 1 uses the glitches, dropped frames, abstract crops, and visually similar stills from a small selection of the collection’s films to make a visual dance. The film’s original soundtrack by singer-songwriter Todd Garza, influenced all editing decisions. Watch the film.

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Four screens from training.

Safe Sleep 360°

Online Training

Texas’ Department of Family Protective Services caseworkers needed training about safe infant sleep practices to share during home visits. The training immerses the caseworker in the various rooms of a home, calling out potential safety issues they will need to discuss with family members. In order to reach different types of learners, each safety issue has a text overview, video expert advice, and audio of recommended responses to potential opposition. Take the training.

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Designing for Social Change

Digital Poster, for projection

Designing for Social Change depicts a process employed by EnviroMedia in behavior change campaigns. The poster charts the various stages of creation and dissemination and highlights related tactics. Several examples spin out of the process. The cyclical form suggests that change is never complete.

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Letterhead, envelope, and business card.


Logo & Paper System

Hyper9, a virtualization management start-up, needed a bold identity to enter this rapidly growing market. The term “hyper” was key to logo explorations. In the final logo, the caret (∧) symbolizes the amped-up nature of the company’s approach to managing virtual systems. The caret was also used as a visual element on the reverse side of the paper system to symbolize the crowded dataspace and Hyper9’s ability to navigate the space.

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Three screens from site.



Texas’ Department of State Health Services launched a secondary school program for students who are at-risk for obesity. The printed lesson materials mimic a teen magazine format. The website extends the metaphor with supplemental interactive tools for students, such as a personality quiz, a customizable pyramid, and an exposé on nutrition labels. The site also provides additional resources for school nurses. Visit GetFitKit.org.

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Cover and inside spread.

A Case for Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA)

Booklet: 7.25"x9.5", 16 pages

CIVA needed a fund-raising tool that set forth their new strategic plan in a clear and concise manner. This richly colored booklet full of members’ artwork highlights the organization’s strengths, vision for the future, and current financial needs. Board members used the booklet in personal meetings with potential investors.

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Three stills from film.

Goats & Sheep

Short Film: 1:45

Goats & Sheep juxtaposes the opposite responses of persons to Christ in Matthew 25:3146. The film displays the text from scripture set with time-based typography. CIVA commissioned the film as a part of a Worship Renewal Grant from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. The film debuted during a worship service at CIVA’s biennial conference.

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Three screens from site.



Green Canary Sustainability Consulting partners with companies who want to define or refine their sustainability practices. The clean, professional site focuses on the preparation of practices, not the promotion of practices. The site’s aerial photographs reflect the high-level perspective offered through Green Canary’s services. Visit GreenCanary.net.

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Six stills from ad.


Banner Ad: 728x90 pixels

Climate Savers Computing Initiative works to reduce the negative environmental impact of the computing industry. Top technology companies — Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, etc. — lead the initiative. Members commit to implementing computer power-saving measures business-wide. In order to boost membership prior to their annual member meeting, the banner ad used color bar transitions with engaging words to attract IT managers and draw attention to the environmentally smart move. Watch the banner ad.

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Booklet cover and introductory spread.

Blessings: Ways to Pray in Hope

Booklet : 3.5"x7", 16 pages

WayMakers needed a design for a pocket-sized booklet that could be used prayerwalking. The theme of hope plays out across the booklet’s pages with the sun coming over the horizon and the text becoming the foreground. The booklet has a false cover, with a second understated inside cover that could be used without attracting attention in countries where prayer is a questionable or illegal activity.

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Five screens from site.


Website, in development

Texas’ Department of State Health Services wanted to combat the state’s rising obesity epidemic. The website features a tool for community leaders to build an obesity prevention plan for their own community. The department’s research on evidence-based interventions and successful community partnerships provide additional examples on how to prevent obesity. The dynamic angles, analogous color scheme, and community photographs envision Healthy, Texas as a true destination for all Texans.

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Four screens from demo.


Interactive Software Demonstration

Lombardi Software needed an online demo to highlight the benefits of their management software, Blueprint. The demo graphically illustrates the manager’s pain-points and how the software solves their problems. Voice-over, software screenshots, highlight boxes, and simple animations make the software tour informative and engaging. View the demo.

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Six stills from ad.


Banner Ad: 160x600 pixels

Don’t Mess with Texas held a video contest about getting trash from your car into the trash can. The contest’s banner ad uses the skyscraper’s intense vertical space to tell the story of a cup bouncing gracefully down a cliff into the roadside trash can. Watch the banner ad.

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Cover and inside fold-out.

Maturity Model

Workbook: 7"x11.5", 6 pages with fold-outs

Vignette wanted to create a workbook that would serve as a springboard for future relationship and growth between their sales force and potential clients. The workbook featured definitions, yes and no questions, and checklists for a variety of phases and categories to assess a client’s existing Web 2.0 capabilities.

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Grace Covenant Church wanted a re-design of their existing site, which they felt was too corporate and cold. The subsequent re-design created a warm, inviting look and made the church more appealing to a broader age range. Background imagery, templates, server-side includes, and CSS style sheets were handed over to the Grace web team to build out the site with content. Visit Grace360.org.

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Six charts.

Green Seal Research


EnviroMedia conducted research with Green Seal about consumer spending on environmental products and confidence in “green” advertising. The charts display the survey question results and provide a graphic snapshot of the average consumer’s beliefs.

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Four screens from story.

Little Red Riding Hood, Annotated

Interactive Story

Little Red Riding Hood, Annotated was developed during class lectures to demonstrate the step-by-step process of building a Flash project and to provide an example of an assignment’s design requirements. The piece features two ways of navigating through the story: a set of arrows and a map of Little Red Riding Hood’s journey. Experience the story.

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Four stills from takeover.

Always On

Homepage Takeover

Climate Savers Computing Initiative needed to announce a shift in their organization’s focus. The original push for power management of personal computers yielded amazing results — a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions by businesses across the globe. Their new focus takes on the network infrastructure. The iconic, animated sequence on the initiative’s homepage quickly summarized the shift and accomplishment simultaneously. View the takeover.

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Front cover.

A Little Book on Poverty & Glory

Dust Jacket Cover : 7"x4.375"

Author Amy McDonald Chapman asked for a dust jacket cover for her letterpressed book that incorporated a commissioned illustration by Linnea Spransy. The cover unfolds into a poster revealing the entire illustration on one side. The opposite side uses one color to contrast the rich colors of the illustration — designed as a reflection of the book’s discussion of the tension between poverty and extravagance. The book cover was chosen as a winner in AIGA’s 50 Books/50 Covers competition in 2007.

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